About Dave Miller and his views of the world from the Midcoast of Maine

My involvement in this exercise is really a continuation of the thoughts and musings I had started last year with a bunch of friends through email. Those will also be uploaded to present the opportunity for reflection or response when time permits.

Any blog has its own pretenses associated with it and I am fully aware of these. As an educator, most interested in history but also an individual with myriad passions, it is my hope to continue throwing pebbles into the pond to see what ripples. It has been my quest to understand this funny race as it evolves and to wonder at its accomplishments.

Since November of 2016, those quests have been more of a challenge and therefore some of these postings will lamentably be of the nature of questioning the national sanity, culpability and worthiness to be part of the earth’s ‘better angels” of history. I invite and welcome reasoned comments and responses and it is my desire to engage in this exercise/exorcism with minimal or no ad hominem involvement.

I continue to marvel at how little I have learned from a lifetime of the quest for knowledge and/or wisdom and am continually surprised, awed and inspired by what we have done through our many cultures’ attempts at describing and constructing our worlds.